Stereoscopic Cameras

Heinrich Ernemann A.G. Company of Dresden Germany produced the following Stereoscopic camera from 1905 to 1910. Although there are no records available to know what make and model cameras Enami used throughout his storied career, this model would certainly have been similar to any he may have used.

This particular 3D model was the product of a digital 3D laser scan of one such camera that is owned and exibited by the Museum of Photography in Kraków, Poland. It uses a 'folding scissor' mechanical design to optimize the body for portability and for bellows focusing, and exposes each shot on single-load 55 x 125mm sized cut films in a dual-frame format. The camera is equipped with a matched pair of lenses: the Doppel Anastigmat DAGOR III 6.8/80, by CP Goerz of Berlin.

Folmer and Schwing camera ad from 1900
Folmer and Schwing, Telescopic Stereo Graphic - Inflation pricing